Why hasn't he texted me back?

He lives far away, but I've always had an interest in him in the back of my mind. The years I didn't see him, I was interested in a few guys and I lost all hope of ever really seeing him. I saw him at a retreat and I he didn't mind me and actually hung out w/me. I texted him about a week ago and he answered right away, e had a short convo. I texted him once today cause it is a big holiday for us and so far after a couple of hours no text back. Is this a bad sign? I will not contact him unless he texts me back, or after a few weeks I may text him once more. Do men ever take awhile to respond to a girl they like?


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  • It's just a text... He might be busy, he forgot, he planned to answer later, he's not really in the mood for texting today, he may not have his phone with him, ...

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