At what point of no contact would you say its over?

We were not in a relationship but were aiming towards one if we could limit the petty arguments that I would start due to my trust issues. Well its been a week and I have not heard from him and I haven't contacted him since I was the last one to text. I Have been hoping to hear from him but have been disappointed because he has not texted me or anything. by the way we are 4 hrs apart and would meet halfway to see each other. We haven't seen each other since the 28 of Dec. Is it safe to say that I need to quit hoping that he'll call? :(


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  • Ever notice how most women problems begin with men? Men-struation. Men-opause. Men-tal breakdowns.

    You're doing the right thing by not contacting him, he is acting childish and he just wants you to do all the work in the relationship when it should be 50/50. If he doesn't want to talk to you anymore, that means he's not interested. But I wouldn't talk to him back if he comes back months later.


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  • I think yes. Constant petty arguments usually fills up over time.


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  • Stop playing this "I texted him last game" and reach out and see. If you guys are already fighting and no commitment has been made then that's probably not a good thing. You need to contact him and talk to him about things.

    • I'm not contacting him cause I feel like he's not interested otherwise he would have called. It's been aweek and its not affecting him that we have not spoken. I'm guessing he already had someone else

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    • You have to swallow your pride on this one and just go for it and see.

    • So update. I swallowed my pride and texted him yesterday asking if we were no longer talking and hesaid I don't know are we? So I told him that I wanted to and he.said so did he just without the arguing for no reason. I haven't heard nothing from him since.

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