I dated my best friend, we broke up, help

sorry this may be long. I dated my best friend, we just broke up. I am in incredible pain and if anyone has suggestions for that... that would be great. we broke up because he had to focus on school and it was not quite mutual.

but other than that, I miss him so much and all I want is to be friends again and go back to the way things were. is that possible?

knowing him, I will have to be the one to reach out. he will never start conversations though. he could surprise me, but I really think that maybe I am the only one that wants this friendship.

we dated for 8 months and it was great. we have a lot of mutual friends, but not all.


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  • I dated my best friend too, and we didn't work out however we are still friends, not best friends. it's just really awkward for some people to talk with their ex, in my case, I never start conversation, she always starts until one day, 2 days or even weeks, she never text again, I kinda miss it, but that's life, just gotta deal with it.


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  • Well I'm sure if you talk to him he will come around but not to much or he might think you want to get back together.


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  • the pain will subside as time goes on.

    I dated a close friend as well

    and I haven't talked to him since.

    I never talk or text him anymore

    cause of that pain and it didn't seem like he understood.

    but you'll heal as time goes on and keep busy.

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