Guys, based on my personality would you date me?






-good girl (doesn't smoke, drink, cuss)

-laughs a lot

-usually not afraid to speak my mind


-really nice

-can be girlie but can also like stuff like superheros, some sports, and fighting

-dreams of adventure


-loves animals

-loves books

-is unique and not what you might expect

-likes to act silly

-doesn't like a lot of attention or being cocky

If you would or wouldn't, then please say why :)


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  • -shy (Negative)

    -opinionated (Neutral)

    -smart (Neutral)

    -funny (Positive)

    -quirky (Neutral)

    -good girl (Positive)

    -laughs a lot (Positive)

    -usually not afraid to speak my mind (Neutral)

    -balanced (Positive)

    -dreams of adventure (Neutral)

    -loyal (Positive)

    -loves animals (Neutral)

    -loves books (Neutral)

    -is unique and not what you might expect (Negative)

    -likes to act silly (Positive)

    -doesn't like a lot of attention or being cocky (Neutral)

    Verdict? Positives outweigh negatives, 6-2. There's a lot of fluff in there (I tried to eliminate some), but I entertained the idea nonetheless. Frankly, some of there was a lot of overlap and a lack of objectivity when you listed these things. I'm sure there are negative traits you don't care to share, but to get a fair analysis you have to list them.

    • Shy, opinionated, and laughs a lot were my negatives, and funny, smart, really nice, and caring were my positives, and the rest were just stuff that I like or I act like a lot.

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  • this is a great profile, but without a picture, most guys would reserve the right to say maybe,x

  • Yes. Put the "smart," "funny," "quirky," "laughs a lot," "caring," "really nice," "loves animals," and "loyal" (oh, and loves books) together and you're really interesting. Oh, and likes to act silly.

    All those qualities are things that, taken together, say: "I want to know you!"

  • To be honest with you, I usually drink in moderation and curse when appropriate.

    People who become upset when other people act in a certain way that offends them, even if said actions don't directly effect the person who is being offended, piss me off.

    I'm a candid person and I'll tell the truth to a person, straightly. I don't know the meaning of the word "tact" and if those pants do make your butt look big, I won't lie to you.

    • I honestly don't care if people drink or curse. I don't do those sorts of things but I know plenty of people at my school that do and I don't really care, it's not my life so they can do whatever pleases them.

  • Who knows...

  • No cause I swear a lot and drink

  • Sure why not. You are a passionate lover? then yes

  • i think all of the qualities are really nice to have. I like your personality traits

  • Is not being promiscuous go along with being a good girl? I only ask because a lot of girls still claim that when they are.

    Anyway, if you are halfway decent looking, you sound really good. Not that that matters coming from me. lol


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