Is the dating landscape different in New York City than it is in California?

I hear there are more girls than guys on average in NY than L.A. wouldn't that increase a man chances at getting sex or romance just curious.


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  • Girls in New York are very different to the girls in California.

    They are meaner, harsher, more cynical, more jaded, and have higher expectations of their future partners. Most of them are destined to have their expectations shattered on the cliff face of their 30's, and can look forward to being embittered 40 somethings who wonder why they didn't get everything they wanted out of life.


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  • Why are you comparing a city to a state? Anyway,tons of girls in both NYC and LA suck. You'll have a better chance at girls in San Diego...

    • NY women are the best. West coast girls aren't as sophisticated at least in my own experience.

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  • Both LA and NYC have more single women then men. Men's dating success though in both cases is likely impacted by the fact that the men that are there, there's a lot of wealthy successful guys. So you have a large pool of attractive women pursuing a small pool of very successful guys.

  • In NYC if you come correct, there is a high probability of finding a girl willing to hook up with you every time you go out. If that's what you're looking for. By coming correct, you have to be at least decent looking in the face. If you're not, then you need to be in good shape, dress really well, and probably buy a table. You need to find that find that fine line between very confident guy and complete douche.