Never had a boyfriend, is it me or bad luck?

I might have had some bad experiences in the past, but I don't really know why I can't find a guy to date in the present.

My standards:

- I'd like a guy to be attractive to me (I like a slender build, a cute face - no real preferences)

- He should be quite intelligent.. because I don't want to feel like the nerd

- He needs to be a bit easy-going and spontaneous (I am too)

- Reasonably confident

- Kind


- Reasonably confident

- Spontaneous, easy-going

- I'm a student

- Artistic

- Skinny, have a small round ass and very small boobs, nice face, long legs

I had a really big crush when I was 14 - he didn't like me, I didn't get over it 'till I was about 18 gahh.

People tell me I'm pretty, I've been on a few dates with about 3 guys. I've had a fling this summer but he didn't want to date. I'm a virgin.

I live in a rather small town, I know all the guys and they're not my type (or I'm not theirs..) people here know everything about each other and I'm a sort of misfit.

I go out and have fun with my friends, I have 4 real friends (kind of picky with them, because everyone talks about everybody. don't want to be backstabbed)

Help me pinpoint what's wrong.. and what I could do, please?

Sorry I don't have a tl;dr version hehe :)


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  • You're a misfit, you do not fit the ideal. That means your dating preferences are vastly in the minority. Compound that with the fact that you live in a small town, and you have a lack of opportunities to meet your type of guy.

    • Well.. even misfits have boyfriends. Even scene/goth people have them. And some freaky crazy people get married.. so it can't really be that bad to be a misfit.

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  • Sounds like you have a lot of requirements in a guy you would date. But that's good if you want to find the right guy. I rarely date too because I refuse to settle. And because I can't find skinny intelligent women where I live lol!

  • Do you think I would fit your standards? Hahaha

    I feel the same way. I'm so ashamed to say that I've never had a girlfriend even though I have so many positive things going on like studying at an Ivy League uni and lifting own mom thinks I might be gay now. It's sickening.

    I can't blame it on luck because we all make our own luck right?


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