Why is he acting this way, and not giving me my stuff?

okay, so we broke up about a month and a half ago. He broke up with me because of the things we had going on. it was kind of mutual. we both really liked each other, but we rushed into things, and at the same time a lot of unfortunate things started happening in both our lives, so we agreed when we both get back on track we can start again. we're both young, I'm 19, and he's 22. so we really have things to sort out. but anyway, when we broke up, the day after I was going to go over to his house so we could hang out a bit and so I could get my things. the next day he texted me saying he couldn't because his family was coming into town (this was around the holidays) so I didn't even reply because I was upset. That night I guess he went over to his best friends house, which so happened that MY best friend was dating his best friend, and they hung out a bit. towards the end of the night he told my best friend that he didn't want me to hate him and that he felt horrible, and he wanted to be with me so bad but he just couldn't right now. after I found that out, I decided to reply to his text a few days later and I simply asked when I could get my stuff. he never responded. So after about a month of NC I finally texted him asking him how he was. he responded saying he was sorry, that he missed me and couldn't stop thinking about me, and that he had been procrastinating on giving me my stuff (I don't know why) but anyway, we had a few days of back and forth texts, and he said "we should hang out soon, because I miss you, and because I still have your stuff" and I responded, "i miss you too, just let me know when. :)" and he said "okay soon :)" and that was that, we continued talking for about 2 more days, then he just stopped texting me. I texted him happy new years, and that was another 4 or 5 text conversation, but he hasn't talked to me since, and I was hoping he'd text me that weekend, but he hasn't. I'm not really sure what to do anymore? I'm so confused. He's such a confusing person. and on his social networking sites, he talks about being depressed and stuff. so I don't know what to do. I really do miss him, and I really want to talk to him and see what happens, but I don't know what he's going through anymore. help?


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  • My advice whether you want to listen or not is to move on