Does he like me or not?

This guy and I use to text each other all the time. We work at the same place and he is always asking if I am working or not and we would have a lot of different conversations. When I see him at work he is very talkative and always tries to get my attention. Everyone seems to think he likes me but he isn't texting me like he was. He is very short with me now. Is he giving me the cold shoulder or what? And should I leave him to message and talk to me or should I make the first move? I've tried texting but it sometimes takes a few days or him to even answer when he use to answer within seconds.


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  • This just depends. I know I like it when a girl makes the first move, IF I like her. If not it's just as awkward when a guy does it to you and you don't find it attractive lol. But I think you should make the first move if you like him. I mean, there is no point in waiting around is there? Even if he does like you how long are you really willing to wait around for him. It might just be that he is really nervous and doesn't know when/how to make the first move or if you even like him too. Also, not everyone likes texting. I don't lol. Half the time my phone either isn't around or off, or it has problems receiving texts anyway. Hell, even call him on the phone and talk. If he sounds like he is enjoying your call tell him how you feel. Worst case is that he just doesn't feel the same way. Then you can just move on with your life. The sooner that happens the better you will feel. Trust me, I have felt the way you do now as a guy and it drives me paranoid.

    I always feel much better when I get a straight answer from a girl so I know to move on or not.

    Also don't rule out being friends. Who knows what could happen in the future right?

    Don't get mad at me if my advice is no good ok? lol. Just trying to help by giving my opinions.


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  • ok. I know exactly what you're going through and how you feel. In my experience, I stopped talking to him. It worked, he couldn't not talk to me, I think he expected me to text or message him, but when I stopped he texted me & our conversations were more indepth. I think he realized that I'm not going to keep talking to a guy who doesn't care & I think you need to do the same to show him that you don't need him to live your life. Also in my experience everyone told me that he liked me, he showed every sign! but he never asked me out.. If you really want it to work, and if you think he could actually like you, then go for it! ask him to hang out. but if he blows you off.. then I think you should stop waisting your heart on a guy like that. Been there. Done that.. It never ammounts to much.. : /