Is this hot and cold guy interested in me?

I met this guy on a dating website about a year ago. We talked back and forth via text and online messaging, once on the phone. He made it clear that he was looking for a friends with benefits situation and I told him up front that I was looking for a relationship. Even after I told him he continued to initiate talking to me. We ended up meeting for the first time 2 1/2 months ago.. there was an awkward tension and I found him somewhat intimidating.. as we were leaving he asked for a hug and I leaned in for a quick one and left.. after I pulled away in my car he sent a text saying "thanks for the kiss" implying that he wished I would have kissed him. We hardly spoke after that...A few weeks later he said it wasn't going to work out for him. I deleted his number and we didn't talk until a few nights ago (2 months later) he messaged me on the dating site asking where his kiss was? I am so confused. I am attracted to him and would like to try again but I don't want to look like an idiot suggesting it if he's not interested.


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  • I definitely would not. He told you straight up he was interested in a physical relationship only, but he still met up with you knowing that you were looking for a relationship. So either A he met up with with you just to be polite cause you both had been talking online. Or B he was still intending on pursuing a physical relationship with you and hoping you would change your mind. From the odd, creepy, flirty text he sent it sounds pretty obvious that his intentions hadn't changed, and he's saying the exact same thing to you again 2 months later, so nothing's changed. Even though you find him attractive, think really hard about how much different meeting up with him is going to be than last time. (probably not much). If you are still looking for a relationship, find someone else who is too, don't set yourself up for failure by seeing him again.

    I hope this helped

    • Thanks, It did help.. I ended up talking to him and he is basically attracted to me and wants to hook up.. I guess he think I will change my mind. I so don't understand the way men think lol

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  • He sounds creepy as hell. He's still trying to get in your pants.

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