Getting over the disappointment of a canceled blind date

I had a blind date cancel on me just an hour or two before we were supposed to meet. I created my schedule for the week just so that I would have that time off. So it's a bummer.

I've seen her pictures and she's a gorgeous girl. We even texted a bit and she seemed to think I was hilarious. Then a couple hours before we were supposed to meet, she told me that she was too nervous and never had done a blind date before so she had to cancel and she was sorry.

I'm pretty disappointed right now. Everything seemed to be going good. But...I mean, I don't know this person right? We've never met before? So I shouldn't be too disappointed, but I am. And it's not like I can just conjure another date from a different girl just like that since I'm so busy. How do I get over it?


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  • Your problem is that you put way way too much stock into this one date.

    Arranging your whole week schedule around one single date?

    Could you be any more desperate?

    Girls often get cold feet on blind dates. She was a bit sh*tty to do a pull out hours before though. You might have tried to do something about that. Oh well, too late now.

    I would suggest you don't tell her "it's okay" or anything like that. Just don't text her at all. She will most likely try to contact you at some point. Your attitude should be "Sorry, I thought I was talking to a woman who might be fun to go out with, not a nervous little girl." Only don't be nasty about it.

    You will need to make her feel challenged if she'll reschedule.

    As for getting over the disappointment - go approach a girl you like the look of in starbucks or whatever, and ask her out. Try something like "Excuse me, my blind date just cancelled on me at the last minute.. and you're the best looking girl in this place, so could I possibly buy you a coffee?"

    Spend the afternoon getting shot down by real actual people (or not) and you'll soon forget all about the cancellation of one blind date.

    • nah, it was more like there were a couple days I was required to stay late, so I chose to stay late on the days other than the date.

      I kind of joked about it. I didn't want to seem butthurt about it either, since text doesn't give a proper tone so it could be misconstrued. maybe I shouldn't have said anything.

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    • I agree with 90% of what this guy says except for the pick up line. Don't make a girls think that you're only going for her because someone else cancelled on you. Even adding the little flattery part in there is not going to make up for insulting her with the "you're the only one left". Try something a little nicer like you have an open evening and she's the prettiest girl in the place kinda thing.

    • That's a fair enough point, FrozenFire, but I didn't expect a line like that to actually work. I just think an afternoon of getting shot down by flesh and blood girls in person would have helped him forget all about his blind date troubles.

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  • Try to talk to her. Maybe if she is really shy, she would enjoy talking to you online or over text or on the phone for a while and get to know you. See if that works out first, if you are willing to be patient for a shy girl.

    But if she is not interested in even talking, then she might have found someone else.

    • I disagree. Don't call her. You'll look desperate. She blew you off, it's up to her to make it up to you. If she contacts you then consider going out with her if she takes the lead.

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  • Why don't you just be honest with her. Text her like this, "Well let me know if you change your mind, cause I really enjoyed talking to you." Be honest about how you felt, don't let her go so easily.

  • Take it from me ...never go on a blind date. Ever.