TWO goodbye kisses. Dude came for a second goodnight kiss.

Ok so, I've just been on my third date with this guy. He's sort of an old friend or well we've known each other for many years. So we went to watch a movie and afterward went to get some beers at a bar. He then walked me home and we kissed a little outside and he knew he wasn't coming inside because I'd told him that my roommate wasn't dripping sweat over an exam. Anyways, we said goodnight and I walked in. Then about like fifteen minutes later he calls me and says that he's standing outside my apartment building door and asks if I could just come down really briefly. I said OK, and went down in my pj's. He just smiled and kissed me two times on the lips and then said goodbye once again.

I don't really get why he did that? is it because he is super into me or what? I have never tried a guy acting like that before and I couldn't see myself pull the same thing off. What do you guys think could've been the reason. Have any of you guys done the same thing?


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  • Yeah, he wasn't ready to let the night end. He was probably on quite a natural high which made him be really bold. Spending time with you is like crack to him. Treat him well and he'll take care of you.


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  • That's a *huge* move on behalf of the guy. Not only did he want to kiss you twice, but he waited and thought about it for 15 minutes while you were inside doing your own thing!

    As a guy, I can see where he is coming from. If I really like the way a date is going, I'm going to be bold and go out of my way to show how I feel about everything.

  • People probably aren't going to answer your question because your screen name is Rolls Royce. Everyone on this site is immature, uneducated and jealous of those who have money.

    • Ironically, you yourself did not answer her question because her name is RollsRoyce. Not because you're uneducated and jealous of those who have money, but rather because you think they're special for having money. People are people, move past the superficial stuff.

    • Wrong.

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