How should I respones to unanswered text?

Ill text her, she texts me, and we will go back and forth until silence on her part. The next day she will finally respond with an apology and a reason why. I ask her if she's deliberately ignoring me, and she says no.

Normally, I would take a hint and move on, yet I'm inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt and get a second opinion here. Are unanswered calls/texts always a guys cue to divert attention elsewhere?


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  • Not really but a good rule of thumb is you don't want to text her too often and when you do, try your best to end the interaction first. It's also important to know what kind of texts you send, if it's just some boring, basic convo like "what're you doing?" "have you eaten yet?" you know all those interview-like questions, chances are she got bored or couldn't be bothered to reply.

    Oh and don't hound or accuse her with things like "are you ignoring me?" because you're as good as saying "I'm a needy guy"

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