Guys, why is he scared to go on a double-date?

This guy I am talking to is a little hesitant to go on a double date with two of our friends (who are in a relationship). I asked him why, and he just says he's uncomfortable with it, but he is willing to go. Background info: my guy has never really been into relationships, but is very sweet and caring with me. I've met his whole family and talk to him/hook up regularly.

So my question is: Is he uncomfortable because it's too "relationshipy" or because he actually does like me and doesn't really know how to deal with it?


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  • maybe he would just prefer to spend time with you and not share you with someone else. Maybe he is shy. Maybe he dated the other girl at some point... Could be lots of reasons. I think you are just going to have to either not go, or go since he is willing, and hope he enjoys himself.


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