How to know if someone (a guy) is geninue?

Here is a description online profile.

British living in America


Like new events


Working on a startup

It shows that he is highly selective in replying.

This profile makes me think of my cousin who has high standard and like to date mutliple girls (can I say indecisive). He is still like at 60 but he willing to settle down with a girl now (trying to pass his gene on and has somewhat lower his standard now).

I am not sure if it work my time to meet or talking to him and I wonder how do you really know if someone is geninue?


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  • I don't understand the question. What is it about the profile that makes you think he's highly selective?

    What do you mean he is still like at 60? You mean he is 60 years old? And he's looking to pass on his genes? If so that's very old for someone your age.

    When he says "working on a startup", does that mean he's an engineer working at a startup company? If so that probably means he's working VERY long hours, maybe 80+ hours per week, or even longer. If that's the case you might not see him much because he's going to be working his tail off. (I've worked in a few startups myself) Depending on the situation of the company, he might be working long hours for a few years or more.

    Like I said I don't really understand what you are saying. But this sounds kind of weird.

    • I am saying that he is 6'0'' tall. What I am trying to figure is the high standard that he might have. I am comparing him to my cousin who is really intelligent and also an engineer. My cousin is extremely selective even thought he is a party animal. I am just wondering if someone wants to make friends but then is highly selective in responsing to people, why ?

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    • Thanks for pointing out the start up thing (I am working 70 hours on my startup so I get the feeling). I was trying corelate between someone wanting to meet new people but being selective in meeting people (contradicting in my mind like how my cousin say one thing but does the other). However, you made better sense.

    • LOL, so is best answer good when I'm the only one who answered? :D

      Well, some people with higher degrees expect others to have higher degrees also. I had a neighbor with a PhD who complained about her son dating a woman who "only" had a masters. Not everyone is like that though.

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