we text for a good while and then boom nothing, what to do?

after some text exchange he completely ignores the conversation, and then the next day the same pattern happened again like, text text text text and then boom. I didn't hear anything from him until the next day. honestly it gets really annoying. and most of the text content is him flirting with me but when I reply he just hung me dry, my friends tried to talk to him and also got the same treatment (ignored, not flirted). I am thinking of ignoring him for good, is that a good idea?


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  • No, I don't think it's a good idea. For now, at least.

    You never know what could be the reason, perhaps at a certain point he's unable to text back or something. He probably is also busy with other things. You can't know. What do you text about? Do you ever initiate the texting? You could ask him about it, why he sometimes stops replying.

    If he's replying for a while, then it means he's not ignoring you. When he stops replying then he just didn't reply, but apparently he does so the next day. So I wouldn't say he's completely ignoring you.

    And what do you think of the conversations you're having? Are they pleasant? Can you tell him some things about yourself and he'll sound like he's interested to talk about it? If you need help with something, is he willing to help you? These are just some things that will give you an indication whether or not it's somehow clicking between the two of you and how comfortable you are with each other.


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