Did I come on too strong? Why wouldn't she text back?

Went on a great date with a girl on Wednesday. It was really good, the food was great, we both had fun, I know 100% that she's interested in me (example, she does want to hang out again, she remembered what I was wearing two years ago when we first met, when we hugged I could feel that she didn't want me to let go). At the end I dropped her off and told her I would let her know about Disneyland (where she wants to hang out next). She said great and apologize for being so nervous thought the date, we hugged and I left.

Late yesterday, I texted her with this: "So there really was more to you than Minnesota and undies and I liked all of it. Thanks for beingg honest with me about being nervous :)" (She's originally from minnesota and currently sells lingerie). She never replied. She was on fb and updated her status from her phone a couple hours later so I know she got it. Was the text too much? Is it over?


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  • Maybe you implied that you didn't think there was much to her when you first asked her on a date. Kind of like, you were surprised there was more beneath the surface.

    • I don't think so, she was telling me the whole time that she thinks she's boring and prior to the date she said that there's not much to her other than where she came from and her job, hence what I texted her.

    • I'm not sure then.

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  • You've really messed up big...in more ways than I can list on here. I recommend you NEVER text her ever again...even if she texts you. Instead... call her on Monday, and ask about a date on Thursday. If its not over...it will be soon, if you don't do exactly like I said.

  • It was a text that didn't exactly demand a reply. It was a statement, not a question or conversational opener.

    You know she had a good time, and is nervous. Stop fretting. That's the girls job.

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