I need some strategy help here.

I'm pretty sure that this guy likes me too. We never really even knew each other until a couple months ago. He always parks across from me at school and we'll joke around and talk sometimes. He's not shy, but he is a bit reserved, he's quiet and pretty to himself a lot, if that makes any sense.. He's a lot more comfortable talking to me and such than he was and we both will text each other.

The deal is, we're both in agreement that we find each other attractive. I want to make some sort of obvious move on him, but that isn't too forward, because he seems to not know what do so with that.

So what's a good way to show my interest over text or in person that's not too threatening as of yet? ha ha I don't want to be too aggressive with him because he tends to get weirded out semi easy by people sometimes.


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  • just be honest with him & tell him how you feel about him that makes the relationship more peculiar


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