Should I talk to my boyfriend about him texting his supposedly "horrible" ex-girlfriend?

I know, it seems like a common question, but I am looking for some opinions on the situation. I'm 19, he's 20...we're students...

We've been "together" since September and over the months we became more "official" - met each others family, talked about how we felt about each other, etc, etc.

Now the thing is, he has this ex-girlfriend back in his home town who they were together for a long time (four years I think), but according to him you'd think she's the worst person ever...whenever he brings her up he always mentions what a negative person she is and how happy he is that he isn't with her.

But she texts him all the time. I'll look over at him and he'll have his phone open and her name is always near the top and she sends him messages like "I miss you" (I haven't read any messages, I'm not that girl who goes through people's's just the message that previews on the text screen - if that makes sense...think iphone haha). And he told me that over x-mas she was sending him "pics" and really "trying to guilt trip him' ... but "he didn't do anything about it".

What I don't understand is why she still texts him, he said he's TRIED to get rid of her, but I'm curious as to what he actually texts her back that she continues to respond. And he told me before that if he told her he had a girlfriend then she would "go crazy and do something to screw it up" - which I find hard to believe, given we're in different cities.

So my question is: Am I justified in asking him about her and asking him why he won't cut off the communication - especially if she's as negative as he makes her out to be?

I've been trying to be the "good girlfriend" here and it's not even jealousy, it's the fact that I don't want to be with someone who doesn't fully want to be with me, you know?

If I get any answers, thank you! :)


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  • I think you would be justified asking him anything that makes you feel insecure.


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  • He's not over her.

    Don't believe the lies, he's playing you.telling you one thing and telling her another that's a two timer.she wouldn't be saying I miss you and sending nude pics to a guy if she wasn't getting any encouragement back from him. He's not keeping in contact with her for nothing