Is city dating completely different than dating in the suburbs?

I'm a city guy. I like big cities, wih diversity and interesting stuff going on. I Think that this makes a completely different guy to date than if I lived in the suburbs. I have lived in the suburbs briefly and wasn't liking it. It seems like there was a lot less to do and more people know each other. Usually means that you are much more likely to develop feelings for someone you've already known. Which seems like it would be more awkward. In the city there are so many more options that I don't you really care as much how it goes.


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  • Suburbs ... there's a range.

    I live in the suburbs now.

    I don't understand why a -single- person would choose to. We moved out to have a house for our kids.

    What I dislike about it more than anything is having to drive all the time.

    • I understand the space issue. Suburbs probably are a little more kid friendly. But as a single person I'm right there with you.

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  • I think people get serious faster here and settle down earlier.

    Its nothing to meet a 25 year old who's married or engaged and has kids

    Guys in the city may have kids but they're not too turned up on getting married at all

    • I agree. I feel like the suburbs are kind of cookie cutter and you don't stray to far from the norm. People get married sooner but don't seem to like their lives as much . The divorce rate is pretty high.

    • I agree with you there. I've been raised in the suburbs and many people can be really small minded.I wouldn't mind moving to the city

    • Yeah. When I date girls who grew up in the suburbs, they seem a lot more afraid of everything in the city.

  • The city is where most of the sinful acts are committed. I love the country side, you see such humble people and nature.

    • Seriously? What sinful acts? In the US a man just shot up an elementary school and killed 20 little the suburbs. I think you might have raised to fear what you don't understand.

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    • You are very mistaken. Its the suburbs where real sin is comitted. I genuinely hope you will figure it out one day though.

    • In your case is the suburbs but in my eyes is the city, lol. We can't argue what we have experience it the most ahaha

  • Heck, I live in New York City and have visited many other cities.


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