From a mans perspective...? He seems insecure and sometimes shifty

So need some general advice guys! Been chatting to a guy since before Christmas and went on a date last week. He can be really chatty / nice but then will cool off for a few days its like this every other few says. He always asks me 'do you still want to meet up' near enough every day before planned date he can seem kind of insecure?. After meeting me he's described me as 'nice' 'sweet' and 'down to earth' which is nice but seems quite tame? He also mentioned about 'taking things slow' but sometimes he just seems shifty? Just need some advice really on what might be going through his head from a mans perspective! Thank you :)


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  • Seems like he just wants to take it slow like he said. He could be a little insecure and is looking for reassurance from you when he asks if you still want to meet up.

  • My guess is that his cooling off is just giving you space, better this than being too "clingy" as they say.

    Also, it's not necessarily insecurity, maybe the guy has had girls flake on him before.

    Regarding seeming shifty, yeah that's something you just keep an eye on.


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