Did I make the texting mistake ? :(

hey so I met this guy at a house party, we hit it off we have a lot of mutral friends and we hooked up ( only kissed) after that he got my number and added me on Facebook and started talking to me. I actually really like him. we texted everyday till we meet again after 2 weeks of texting. he invited me to a party and kissed and wanted me to come back to his house after the party. longstory short I ended up just going home to myself. after that he still kept contact and seemed interested for a week but latly... I've started the texting and yeah I just seems that his interessted has dogged off. his friends tell me he liked me and thought I was nice and stuff ( without me asking them) so I don't know I just get the feeling its kinda over. So I wanne know, should I just stop or is there something I can say to save this in again? please help I know it is stupid but I wanne know


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  • Not really. You've done nothing wrong.

    I think you just need to have more personal talks with each other rather than texting, to reignite things and to make things move forward.


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