What is going through his head?

So, I have this guy friend we are pretty close, he has a girlfriend. So, one night I was really upset (different story) and he was comforting me. Well, we kissed. I freaked out and told him that can't ever happen again. He says why? I tell him cause he has a girlfriend & maybe next time it won't just be a kiss. He says sh*t happens & I said it just isn't sh*t to me (cause I care a lot about him & probably could have a relationship with him, but obviously not while he has a girlfriend). He said he didn't mean it that way blah blah blah. So, he says fine. I asked him if this will change our friendship & he says no. Well, it did. He won't barely talk to me, joke around etc. If he does talk to me he barely looks me in the eye. It is real awkward now. Can any guys tell me what "might" be going thru his head? Also, I am a little offended that he would even think I would go behind his girlfriend's back & hook up with him. What kind of girl does he think I am?


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  • He probably didn't know if you would do anything or not but had to try it out. I could not view him in the same way after a stunt like that. He's probably feeling very awkward about the entire thing and wants to just wants to avoid you. He didn't get what he wanted so his expectations and hopes were deflated. I say good ridance.