Based on these texts, do you think he likes me?

So I'm 16 and the guy I like is 17 and he's also my brother's friend.

Here are our texts from this morning:

Him: Just saw a girl with a life-size Harry Styles cutout and was reminded of you..You should definitely get one.

Me: omg who

Him: ha ha don't know her name...

Me: My heart's literally crying

Him: I'm sorry to hear that. Is it something your brother did? I'll beat him up for you if you'd like.

Me: ha ha no, there are just so many fake fans..I'm ordering all the cutouts, wait and see :)

Him: Oh sweet. I'll have to check them out. Let me know when/if you get them

And here's another one from last week:

Him: You take French, right?

Me: Yeah, 5th period

Him: Yeah, I'm sure I saw you the other day...I had to turn around because of your beauty ;)

Me: Wow thanks, you're not so bad yourself.. ;)

Him: Welp, I've gotta head to bed now..Can't get a bod like this without beauty sleep...

Me: Lol okay good night

Him: G'night!

Could he just be making fun of me or does it seem like he genuinely likes me? Thanks in advance :)


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  • Yes, he genuinely likes you.


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