How can I be more confident in texting?

I was really shy for a long time, so I had few friends and the ones I had weren't big on texting. Then I was fine with it and was being more social than ever when I came out of my shell a little. Then I got screwed over by a stupid guy I met and my self confidence in every way, was destroyed. For some reason now, I'm only confident texting really close friends who I speak with in person on a regular basis.

I just started talking to this guy who I haven't seen in almost 2 years. We liked each other then and I still have feelings for him, but he lives several hours away at the moment. I want to keep contact with him because I don't want another 2 years of nothing. He texted me yesterday and I panicked because I was afraid of saying something stupid. I have to ask my younger sister if what I'm going to respond with sounds dumb or not. I know this is really pathetic, but I just panic so much that I'm going to say something stupid and don't know what to say at all.

This is probably a really stupid question to ask, but I'm desperate for help.


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  • You are the woman here. You can just reply anything to him in your own way, however not neglecting that you should hint that you're interested in him through your text. It's the man who always fears about his text's contents.

    • Really? Do guys really worry about what to say?

    • Of course, it's like defusing a ticking time bomb.

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  • Stop thinking and let your fingers do the work


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