Drunk calling/texting/facebooking.

Do you usually drunk communicate with people you care about or have rift with or think about a lot or just whomever you can get a hold of?

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and he said "you wish"..."i wish too"


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  • I actually usually end up talking to someone I care about, like a crush or something or a girlfriend. and shorter ends of contact with friends. I tend to drunken contact people alot. I can be with 30ppl and I still feel the need to contact an outside party. I don't know just my ways I guess... But yea. I have a habit of contacting the person I like. I am careful not to make myself look to stupid tho. But that's just me maybe.

    • Yeah I do the same thing...I have this rule with my friends if I am drunk they are suppose to take away my phone, but it doesn't always happen. I am very careful to not say anything that regret too. I asked this because I think this guy was drunk facebook chatting with me the other night he said early in the conversation that he had bought some bourbon and then took a walk and then I asked him if he was drunk facebooking me and he said nooo why would you think that and said I was just wonderin

    • Well to me.. drinking is more being stupid with ACTIONS. such as being stupid and saying I'm gonna go down the stairs, and you JUMP down them. But talking.. to me, I can watch what I say if I'm talking or talking, I still usually can control myself not to make things bad.... maybe that's just me tho

  • I've seen people say and do some pretty regrettable things while drunk texting or drunk dialing, and on that basis, I avoid it.


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