Why was she talking to me and another guy at the same time?

Sorta long but I'd appreciate any possible explanations...

My ex girlfriend, we'll call her D, and I started talking again recently after multiple attempts to still be in each others' lives. The last time we had talked was in October and it ended with a very nasty argument that resulted in us not talking to each other for over one month and a half. Anyway, I apologized, and gradually D started talking to me more and more and even texting me.

Anyway, during this same time she's talking to some other guy who happened to be my friend. The prior argument was a result of this guy, and when we started talking again she exposed him to me and was telling me he was still trying to talk to her but would avoid her in person, etc. Anyway, whenever we talked about him or other guys she never admitted to even liking him. Whatever, during Winter Break we start talking a lot more, and she even started texting me first or whatever and we'd send snapchats back and forth. We'd tease and laugh at each other and she'd send me snapchats like 'You're ugly', 'You're not cute', or what have you and whatever. I had the impression she liked me.

During the end of winter break she stopped contacting me for a period of around a week, which ended after she texted me. The very next day which was when school resumed again she texted me as well, and we ran into each other during study hall and she sat next to me and we talked... She was touching me, etc. And I walked her to class even and we were laughing the whole time.

Anyway that very same day I found out that during Winter Break she had madeout with some guy she 'supposedly' had thought she liked. And I confronted her about it. She basically admitted to kissing him and then proceeded to say that I was stupid for thinking she liked me, that me getting mad at things like that was why she broke up with me in the first place, and that she was just being a good friend by texting me lol.

By the end of the argument though, when I said I was disappointed in her for doing something with a guy she barely knew for a month, she proceeded to say

"I thought you cared about me"

"I hate you"

"You only want to see me feel bad and cry and stress and feel horrible."

"You're the most selfish and arrogant person I've ever met." etc.

The funny thing is that ever since we started talking again she'd get mad at me for petty things I'd do, and even had the audacity to get mad and call me immature when I told her not to talk to me again after I found out what she did. I basically felt played even though we weren't going out.

Anyway basically I just want to know why she did this. Why would she talk to me and flirt with me while she was making out with another guy, then lose interest in him and all of a sudden start texting me and what-not a week later? Why deny things?

The guy she madeout with was the same guy who was my friend and she tried to expose*


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  • She likes you but is seeing how far you like her and she is testing to see a reaction

    The I hate you probably mean I really like you but don't want you to know that

    and I thought you cared is a well he obviously doesn't give a sh*t about me but I hoped he would and you want me to cry and stress and feel a horrible person is why doesn't he take my feeling into consideration and calling you selfish and arrogant is saying he must be all about him as he isn't responding to my reaction, so if I call him names and stuff he may react. The making out with the other guy is saying well if he isn't interested maybe some other guy is and if I can show him what he's missing maybe I'll get a reaction out of him and it will show me he actually likes me back. The friend thing was she probably used him to get at you and then when confronted she felt like an idiot and denied it. Something like that anyway I guess

    • Why do you think she tried to keep the kiss on the downlow though? I'm just really confused lol. By the end of the argument I told her I wanted nothing to do with her... And she hasn't said a word to me or texted me since. And she's completely ignoring the guy she kissed. She was just being a real defensive a**hole to me during the whole talk lol. Saying things like "Get over it" "You actually thought I liked you?" and whatnot.

    • she tried to keep the kiss on the down low as she is feeling guilty about the whole thing and doesn't want to be reminded of what a cow she has been to you so that why its like I did this and feel bad but I don't like this feeling so if I lie or play like it didn't happen he won't hate me so much kind of thing and she isn't saying anything about you not wanting anything to do with her as she knows she did you wrong and she's ignoring the guy cause she nver liked him in first place and now feels she made a

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  • mistake and she's being denfensive to protect herself and she saying the get over it is like saying it was the passed move on and get over the past mistake as she doesn't want to be reminded and the you actually thought I liked you is like saying what with this guy what can't he just drop the whole thing. I have moved on why can't he and I think I am changing my mind about him type thing. could countine in reply so wrote rest here

    • couldnt reply in comment box so I hope it makes sense. Basically she made a mistake regrets it but doesn't want to be reminded of what a cow she's been pretty much what I'd say and by being an a hole it take the blame off her and the situation goes away in her mind. That how I would sum it up.

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  • I think she wants you to pursue and chase for her. Yes, she's flirting with you however you don't give her the impression that you actually care for her or has any interest in her that's why she said " "I thought you cared about me"

    "I hate you"

    "You only want to see me feel bad and cry and stress and feel horrible."

    "You're the most selfish and arrogant person I've ever met." etc. .

    Well, I think the making out with a guy is just her way to make you jealous and to gain your attention. I think she's clearly into you, and just wants to make you chase for her.

    • But she tried to keep the kiss on the downlow. And vehemently denied ever liking me even though her actions spoke otherwise lol.

    • Actions speaks louder than words, and when in doubt, always see through their actions.