When signs do you look for when a girl is ready for the first kiss

Second date is tonight she's really into me she's told me :) so I have a feeling it will be pretty obvious when she's ready. I'm just wondering what tell tale signs she's ready for the first kiss.


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  • 1. She moves in closer to you, 2. She's highly flirtacious, 3. She asks if you want to kiss. Girls will give ALL the signals if they're attracted to you. If you aren't getting any signals it's possible she just see's you as a friend OR that she's bored on the date... but if a girl is TRULY interested.. you will SEE the signs.. and trust me.. if a girl wants to kiss you she WILL find a way.

    Girls are sometimes even more aggressive than guys when they see something they want. Not all. but you'd be surprised at how girls make the first move when it comes to these things.

    • you'd be surprised at how many girls make the first when when it comes to these things (a kiss).** It's usually the girl who starts it to be honest... sometimes its the guy but sometimes girls just do it if they know a guy is interested and they feel a vibe that you want to kiss.

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  • She will look at your lips and touch your arm or hand or something and be closer to you. If she's fdgety and looking around a lot and keeping her distance don't kiss her. It's a good idea to kiss her goodnight. Also waiting till the third date adds suspense and makes it more special if she really does want to kiss you

  • 1. she stares

    2. she giggles

    3. she nervously plays with her ring/necklace/etc -you get the idea

    4. she makes eye-contact

    5. she licks her lips

    6. she stands up close to you

    7. she stares at your lips

    hope it helped! by the way, what do you think of this guy's behavior?



  • Just do it

    She's already ready, just waiting for you to make the move


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  • My first date was my first kiss, so second date and she said that she definitely wants it. Once you guys cuddle or something is a great time to kiss, or when she touches you. Touch her first and then kiss.

    My first kiss was standing up saying goodbye, I hugged her and gave her a kiss and she loved it. Then I went home. It may be better to end with a kiss because then you have time to reflect on it, rather than kissing the whole second date.