Meeting someone I met online for the first time tomorrow

I'm kinda nervous. This is my first date since my ex and I met this guy online. We are meeting for coffee.

Do you guys have any tips?

I would love to hear your experiences if you met someone you met pnline


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  • I think it's a good opportunity for you.

    My experience about online dating is that we have kind of "history" with each other so it's easy for us to open up with each other. Also, I can see if the person is sincere with her feelings for me because I can see her body language and word usage, which are "masked" in online datings.

    Meeting someone online is also a good opportunity for me to meet a lot of people whether for a long time relationship or a lasting friendship. Either way, it works for me.


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  • it's good that you are going with someone else and the place is public. Hope that the coffee shop is located on a safe spot with plenty of viewers outside.

    It can end up for several ways, but you have to be positive on it ;)

    Good luck


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  • I have met a bunch of people through online dating. Some I liked and some I did not. Just remenber to meet in a public place and not go back to his house after since you met online and all.

    • Did any end in a relationship?

    • One of them actually but now he's more of a good friend so things worked out well. I still want a boyfriend but can't find the right guy.

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