Should I text or call to ask a girl out on a second date?

I already texted her to a 2nd date and still haven't gotten a response but please answer this as if I didn't do anything yet for other people who might look this up because I couldn't find an answer for this anywhere.

Also to calm down my nerves how long should I wait for a text message response and should I call her if I don't hear from her soon?

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  • Find her and ask her face to face
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  • Texting her is the best way, because she can have the time to think about it, and texting increases your chances of having a date with her.


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  • i don't know you might want to review the first date and ask yourself did she have a good time ? did she appear to be enjoying herself ? did you feel she was genuinely interested in you ? did you discuss going out with her again ?

    if your answering no to these questions you might have the answer as to why she didn't reply

  • You texted her...You sure it's the correct number ? lol . First of all,relax...Second of all : I say you should've called her to ask for the second date but since you already texted,I say just wait,if she doesn't respond then she's not interested.Either way,don't sweat it,and relax :)