Is this just me having guards up or something more ?

So basically I'm only 20 and young , but I'm not good at the whole dating thing, the last guy I dated for 3 years on and off, not really ever knowing what we were or what he felt for me...well he ended up ignoring me from October and in December he got a girlfriend, and this was my first everything etc etc so yes I am or was broken, but I'm okay, it wil be good, and why be in a relationship or whatever it was when you don't trust or know what he feels about you. It wasn't either all his fault, I had a big time problem with opening up to him, I always had my guards up with him , maybe cause he had hurt me so many times and I didn't completly trust him .. ?

Anyways these coupple of days some of the closest friends , co workers have told me , that they think I have a problem letting people in..wich I do I think. I began opening up to this guy I dated little by little but hey look where it got me.. I always felt I wasn't good enough, for him and his life..he did begin to date a old high school friend of his that his parents know and their from the same town and she seems so all ms perfect and I feel like I'm the ms not perfect ? that I was his little sex bomb for 3 years that he could play with and have there as a ego boost but I really really did love him but I never told

him that so he wouldn't hurt me..

anyways basically I'm scared of going on dates with other guys..they have asked but I just end up ditcing them cause I get scared.. I'm lame


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  • They end up ditching you because your guards too high and they can't feel and see that you're interested in them. Discouraged, they turn their eyes to other girls. Also, relationships and datings are about two person who will open up themselves to the other. You should be willing to trust the other person. That's the key to long term successful burning relationships.


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