Guys: Would you be uncomfortable with the girl you dating talking to lots of different guys?

I have been dating my fella for about 3 months now... We haven't had the girlfriend/boyfriend talk yet tho. Things are definitely headed that way. He is very sweet and caring. Last night me and him went out for dinner then to a bar with a group of friends. I ran into lots of people including guys and had lots come up to say hi, give me a hug etc. I didn't always stay with him as would go dance with friends or go talk to people but would always come back him him and give him lots of cuddles and kisses. He supposedly came looking for me one time and I was in the toilet, when I told him he was like sure sure but in a joking way. Would you be uncomfortable with the girl you dating talking to lots of different guys if it was only quickly to say hi? I unfortunately forgot to introduce him to them.


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  • I think it's a good thing. Guys see her as attractive/beautiful which makes me even want to be with her.

    • Thanks :) I was just hoping it didn't make me seem like I was just out for attention or to make him jealous because I wasn't.

  • That was majorly uncool to talk to guys and not introduce them as just friends. As a guy, if I saw that, I'd think you were flirting with them if you didn't want me around for those conversations. You made a major error. Don't do that again. Seriously, remember to introduce those guys ASAP. If he's a good guy, he might let that slip once, but be careful and don't make such a mistake in the future. You don't want to become an "accidental slut" in the eyes of a good man.

    • That is what I am worried about. He is such a good guy. I would never do anything. I was standing right beside him when talking to them but at the time with a few drinks didn't think about it.

    • What is done is done. Just don't make that mistake in the future.

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