Why do guys all of a sudden lose interest?

why would a guy all of a sudden stop talking to you?

Had a great date, sparks flying, lots of chemistry. Texted after our date for a couple of weeks and now I never hear from him? don't get it I thought he liked me...

Should I persist? chase him? I really like him.


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  • It's hard to answer this completely without knowing your personality, knowing him, and the whole situation. If this happens to you alot, you might want to do some self inventory. Are you clingy or latch on quickly to guys? Be honest with yourself and see if there is anything in your behavior you could change.

    More generally, guys have the attention spans of gold fish. Unfortunately, many have a hit it then quit it mentality. Just figure it's his loss and your moving on to bigger and better things. ;)

    • When I like someone I fall fast. But I hide my feelings in the beginning so I don't think he would see me as clingy. I think he knows I like him though. But he just went from being so interested to not showing interest at all...confused!

    • Someone who pulls this even worth the depth of thought your putting into this. I know its hard, but don't even bother trying to figure out why. It only complicates things. If he wants to contact you, he has your number.

    • yeah you're right :) thanks for your answer

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  • You can try to get an answer but I wouldn't dive too deep into it. Something simple like a "I haven't heard from you in a while what's up?" but nothing more.

  • Perhaps someone better came along - perhaps he didn't have as good a time as you thought -

    • we spent about 9 hours together just talking and getting to know each other. He said he really had a great time with me, and we were texting for 2 weeks after that. Now he never texts me :-(

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  • You texted after the date but he didn't ask you out again? What was the last text from him? Might be a clue there?!

    • we were texting a lot after the date...he said he had a great time etc. We talked about seeing each other again but there were no solid plans made. He was the one texting me first after our date and he would make conversation for a couple of weeks. now I have to text him first to hear from him. don't know whether to chase or to stop...