You see a guy/girl you like, problem Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Was in a club last night, had a blast. Was looking left and right and the thing was packed with female. Danced a little, talked with some girls. My buddy was there to present me his girlfriend, a girl that I knew. Nice there together. She presented me her friends one who was F***k HOT. I started talking with her and subtly showing that she was hot. When she left the circle she went to give a light kiss on the cheek of a guy.

They've been dating for like 2 years.

Why da f**k do hot chicks always have boyfriends. I'm not the waiting type. When I want something I like, I don't care who end's up hurt I'm gonna get her.

Thoughst? Advices? Beat the crap out of the guy in public so that, the girl has to justify why he dates a loser? What would you do? Has it ever happened to you?


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  • I am a girl, and I would advise you to start with some respect first. If she is a true goddess of hotness, then everything about her should be like that (at least seem to be so - super cool). That means her friends and her choices of guys are a part of her magical beauty too! So, if you want to admire her, learn to admire her friends, her choices, her boyfriends...everything about her!

    I would basically come to her and say "you look very attractive/sexy/hot/mind-blowing/stunning/beautiful/etc.” . Just tell her - this way you let her know that you find her attractive. After that, try to have a conversation without pressure of you being so interested in her. Talk about her country, her favorite foods/music/books, ask about her family history or education/career goals...just try to talk (not about whether she has a boyfriend or not or willing to give you her number right away) - it does not matter if you can keep in touch or not as long as you can be next to a hot girl for a few moments - you should be in heaven! If she then shows any more interest in you, mentions that she’d like to talk more write you an e-mail or something like that (ONLY THEN give her your number or ask for her contact info!) If it’s so GREAT from the first time, keep in touch and see where it goes! If she does not show any interest in you or desire to keep in touch, but you still want to pursue - it'll be ugly. Just forget it! OR, you'll end up turning into the main hero of the movie MISERY. IT's the best psychological horror thriller I ever watched. Many people don’t notice how their “love” or “adoration” turns into “obsession” just like in that movie. But the woman in that movie TRULY honestly thought that her love for the victim-man was so important that she had to “keep” him at any cost. I mean, she was violent. But you don't have to be violent to be that horrible. Don’t try to “keep” a girl. Let her be with you because she FEELS like it – not because you “pressure” her with your extreme “desire”/”attraction”/ “love” or whatever passionately-obsessive. Just keep pursuing no matter what, and you'll be just like that MISERY woman! Never push! Besides, you DON'T want a girl who does not want you! That sucks! You want a girl who'd do anything to please YOU! OK – that’s real bliss! So, try your best, and then let her be if nothing comes out of her! It's that simple!

    • Awesome advices. Thank you so much

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  • gees, I mean you explained it right. she's bleeping hot, why wouldn't she have a bf?

  • it might not have been her boyfriend if it was just a kiss on the cheek. I would find the person on Facebook and try and see if they are in a relationship. If it is her boyfriend...i say find another hot chick. she's not going to leave him for you unless she showed any signs of interest when you met


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