is he robbing the cradle per say?

i"m almost 17 and have a question about my dating life. I met a 28 year old guy on a dating site. he's so sweet and everything I've ever wanted we get along great. my only problem is I know its really sketchy what should I do?1 it is too young? where I live the consent age by the way is 16 so that isn't the problem but do you think he's "robbing the cradle" per say? I'm way mature for my age due to past event where I was forced to grow up fast so for me this is what I want for my life is that wrong? I like older men I'm attracted to them!


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  • That's really pushing it... you're still in high school. It's not unusual to find older men attractive, and at different ages it can be a different story, but someone his age going for a 17 year old high school girl is definitely questionable.


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  • I understand you, but 'll be hard, to make you understand my feeling here.

    It's that guy whose choice raises some questions.

    Why isn't he dating women his age?

    -You're still in HS or college, you have other responsibilities and financial means than he, like studying; you're under the authority of your parents.

    -He's working, has an income, maybe a previous marriage (a kid?). He has much more freedom, much more experience, much more means.

    Thus, YES, it's a slanted relationship. Slanted in his favor.

    Again: WHY isn't he dating women his age?

    Doesn't he like their mature bodies, their mature minds?

    Does he prefer your less mature body and mind?


    • no he's never been married, has no kids. I grew up fast, know what I want in life, financially he's very well off (which is not he reason I want to be with him). he has dated women his age but after talking to me he finds that I have the qualities and the goals he wants in a woman (vice versa) as for mature body, if I hadn't told him my age he's think I'm in my early 20's . my body matured fast along with everything about me! I was forced to grow up fast and prefer men who are matutre as well!

    • I'll be a bit more explicit:

      12 years difference at 60 is 20 percent difference

      12 years difference at 48 is 25 percent

      12 years difference at 36 is 33 percent

      12 years difference at 16 is 75 percent

    • thanks?

  • "Hey little girl, want some candy?" LMFAO. Stick with guys your own age. YOu don't want to end up being a pump and dump victim by some old perv.

  • He would be a sex offender where I live.

  • first off you only 16 and he is 28. That's 12 years difference. You have the rest of your life to find someone sexually attractive. That guys a little creepy and I would probably avoid talking to him.


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  • 28 online? hmm idk.. 16 seems so young to be online dating... xD

    I'm sure you'll do better with someone in real life around your own age..

    and don't get fooled, most men are sweet when they want something.. especially experienced ones like your 28 year old online buddy... So of course he'll sound better than kids your same age at this point.. He knows what to say to you.. but be careful.

    I personally stay within 10 years difference (and that's once you turn 18) anything more than that is tooo much in my opinion, especially at 16!

  • let him deal with women his own age. liking older guys gives younger guys an excuse to be a**holes and older guys an excuse to never grow up. its all twisted. just expect better behavior from guys your age. they're not all immature. that's just a cop out on your part. and laziness on his.

  • Yes, he definitely is. It may take you getting older to see exactly why it's so weird/sketchy, but when you get closer to his age, you will see it. There's something not right about him to be interested in dating a 17 year old. I can promise that.

    • i have a friend who's parents have over a 20 year difference then another with over 30 year difference! honestly is 12 that bad? both of the women are you younger one in the relationship, bit got married at (18-10) and are still married today after 20+ years of marriage!

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    • i never said it wasn't true! i"m just saying he hasn't always been 100% OK with dating me. in fact I think we're both still a little uneasy about it, but we both have a strong connection toward each other! he's the type of guy that once you meet him there's no worries!

    • Then keep dating him if you're not worried.

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