Online dating Email mistakes?

Whats so wrong with an email consisting of something like "hey My name is Jim. Would you like to chat sometime"? So many people say that it screams pervert or some other nonsensical thing.


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  • It doesn't scream pervert. It screams "you obviously haven't ready my profile, since you didn't try to engage me in any way." It's really impersonal, and would make me feel like you weren't trying or had copied and pasted the exact same message into every other girl's inbox. Don't try to start a conversation with a stranger by asking a question that has a one-word answer. Make her feel like she's special from the start by showing that you actually took the time to learn what you could about her before deciding to message her. It's like calling someone and saying "hey, do you want to talk?" Only call or message if you already have something to talk about. Good luck!

    • I totally understand the impersonal part but all I'm doing by saying that is inviting her to check out my profile and seeing if she would like to chat and then laying on the whole making her feel like she's special instead of constructing some beautiful email that's probably just gonna get deleted without being read.

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    • No problem! Most dating sites have the option of making it so that people can't see that you've viewed their profile, so you never know. Anyway, good luck on your search! I'm sure that you'll find someone out there who's compatible with you :)

    • Wow lol. That clears up a lot of my confusion. Of course it makes my head hurt when I try and make any sense of why that feature actually exists. As if online dating wasn't hard enough for us guys as it is. It was definitely a lot simpler for me when I was back home and meeting women through friends and work lol. Ahh I miss those days. Well sorry for the boring history lesson lol. Hopefully I do find someone I'm compatible with soon cause I'm not getting any younger :)

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