What to write on a dating website?

You always have to write about yourself, what are things that guys would want to hear about the girl and what are things that should be included


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  • Just don't sound like a man-hating, arrogant, picky, whiny, feminist, obsessive, ungrateful, gold digging, azz-hat.

    Follow the above and you'll be fine.

    • ok great now I'm nervous so you wanna help me out with what I shud write

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    • says only friedns can

    • Well now you can! :)

  • Do write about things you like about men and list lots of reasons why you like us. Don't list a single reason why you DON'T like men. Men are so tired of hearing women tell us how awful we are, that a girl that actually sounds like she likes men will stand out far and above beyond the crowd of man haters.

    • I have to write about myself, what shoud I say

    • Your interests are good. If you're happy with your family, that's good too. What your personality is like is important too so a guy has an idea of what he's getting. Honestly though, saying some good things about what you like about men will make you feel sweet and get you more messages. Dont' discount that!

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