Why isn't he texting me anymore? :(

I messaged an attractive guy on an online dating website and we conversed for about a month...then we exchanged numbers and continued communicating.

We became FBfriends and I noticed that the day after he added me, he deleted his ex girlfriend. We've been conversing for about four and a half months...around November he added her back, and she starts posting stuff on his wall...tagging him in statuses and such...some of them a little out there. She's got a mouth.

Her FB isn't very private, so I can see some of her statuses that she posts, even if she doesn't take him in them. "Attention whore"...that my definition of her. Oh - and "Crazy Psychobitch"

I texted him last week and he hasn't responded...did I get ditched?


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  • Not really, perhaps he doesn't have any plans left or his phone got missing.

    And also, perhaps he's not attracted to you anymore.


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  • I'm sorry to break it to you but it looks like you did. If you met on a website it's kind of easier for him to chose the ex over you because she most likely lives closer. Guys are douche bags and sometimes just like to mess around by texting other girls just to change it up. Same thing happened to me, you just gotta learn to get over it.