When is it considered dating?

How do you know when you're dating someone? Do you usually talk about it before you consider it something? And I don't mean a full on relationship quite yet, just dating.

There's this guy that I've been talking to, we met at work and last week we had a date, he made me dinner and then we cuddled and watched tv. Since then we've hung out a few more times, just cuddling at his place, hanging out at work, doing hw together, etc. I was supposed to sleep over this weekend but it didn't work out.

It feels like things are moving pretty fast, and we already act kinda couply. He's very affectionate with cheek and forehead kisses and the like, and his housemates know me now.

Only thing is that it hasn't even been a week since we've started hanging out, so obviously it isn't dating or anything yet haha. What's the time course of this kind of thing? Like on average how long do you hang out together until you consider it dating? Thanks!


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  • There is no time frame unfortunately. Every guy is different and needs to go at his own pace. Don't let yourself get super clingy, even if he initiates it. It's always best to be patient and let him ask to be an exclusive couple. Until then don't assume You're the only gal he's seeing, even if you're pretty sure you are!

    This guy's blog is awesome. He's a man genuinly trying to help us women find and keep true love. Don't underestimate his writing! Google Mike the Master Dater.

    Let me know how things work out for you!


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  • "Dating" is a pretty generic term these days. It could mean anything from casually seeing someone to being in a serious relationship. It's used pretty interchangably.


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  • Only way to make sure you guys are on the same page, is to discuss it when you feel its the right time. Don't get to attached to the idea so soon, and don't sleep with him before you guys establish you are dating!

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