Texting Question....advice?

So I am talking to this guy and I was hanging out with my friend today and we were joking around because it was pouring outside. And she was like "It's so wet outside" in a sexual way. And then she thought it would be funny to text the guy I'm talking to as a joke so she texted "It's so wet..." and then in the next message, "Out!".

Of course I was driving when she took my phone. She was using it and helping me change the music while I was driving and so she texted him and he's a really nice, good guy. So right when we stopped, I texted back "Omg I'm so sorry lol. My friend was messing with my phone and I was driving so I couldn't stop her." And then he texts back "Likely story?". And I responded "It is true though. Not that you would know this, but I don't text with multiple exclamation points."

I'm going to see him tomorrow and now I feel awkward and I can't tell if he's mad or not mad, but just doesn't believe me. I think I hate texting lol. Any advice? I don't know if I'm looking for advice or just someone to put things in perspective, but yeah, thanks :).

By the way, the second message she sent him had 3 exclamation points, not 1, hence why I responded how I did :)


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  • Sounds like he half flirted, at the same time it seems like he isn't fully certain... Otherwise there would be no Question Mark. I feel that you being defensive about it will have confused him abit, it'd be like... is she denying it so much because she's embarassed as it's true? or is she genuinely embarassed her friend sent it? Personally I say, just act like it never happened, if he brings it up you just casually say 'Yea, my friend thought it was funny...' His reaction would probably give a bit of insight as to what he's feeling.

    I know this feeling anyway, my ex text her best friend (who I do completely fancy) that I liked her, I didn't say I sent it, but at the same time I didn't say it wasn't true. Because well it is true and I'd prefer to see if she's okay with that, than to be defensive and feel a bit of a tit, and essentially go back to square one of not knowing where I stand and unable to make the move that my ex did in one go.

    • yeah that makes a lot of sense. It's not even that I'm embarrassed it's more that I don't know 100% he's interested in me and I don't want to make things awkward if he isn't even though I think he is as he's made sexual innuendos before too. I also don't want him to think I'm the kind of girl who is just going to sleep with him.

    • Well you could always make your views on sex more clear in a relationship were it to come to that stage so I'd not worry about that right now. But I still say, try not to mention it, just tell the truth if he does ask, but don't completely shut off from flirting (in a non sexual way, as I'm assuming that again, it's not the vibe you want)

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  • Why would he get mad? It's like he's going to pursue you more.

    Just keep your cool, calm down, and walk into school/to your rendezvous place like nothing happened.

    • You think it was like a teasing thing how he responded? Wow lol now I feel dumb for responding how I did. I always have a tendency to over-internalize things and over-react.

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    • lol was that sarcasm? When I think about it I actually can see how a guy would find it cute if a girl over-analyzes everything.

    • Yes, that's why you're cute.

  • he wouldn't be mad, he's obviously not upset or anything, he's just jokingly responding. Plus its good to be sexual when texting, it makes everything roll by smoother


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  • Usually, when people pull the "my friend did it" card, its because they said something and then were embarrassed about it, so he's having a hard time believing you actually didn't send that haha. I'd say if he brings it up in person, don't even bother trying to convince him your friend said it. Just flirt a little more, maybe something like "regardless of who said it, it was pretty wet!" in a flirty way. That's if you like this guy, by the way. Guys like it when girls flirt, especially subtly. Don't be so embarrassed! She didn't say anything TOO vulgar :)

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