Why won't he stop talking about his damn girlfriend ?!

I use to like this guy he liked me as well but I found out that he just wanted to get in pants and want nothing serious so I told him I didn't want to go out with him . a few weeks later he's starts dating another girl which does bother me at all but it seems like every time I'm around he always has to talk about his girlfriend and how she's so cool and all this crap . At first I was really happy for him and it seems like he really cares for her since he's moving to get his own place to be with her and what not but it seems to me like when he was with me all the could talk about was sex and it makes me thing boy was I right to not date him .

but why must he try to make me jealous by always talking about her it's kinda like he's making fun of me for being single .


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  • He just wants to show off. Ignore him, friend.


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