18 years old and never had a date - is every girl more experienced? :/

Hey, I'm currently 18yo and still without dating experience and never even held hands with sb. . Now I'm in my first year of uni and am basically one of the youngest fellas there. Since there are a lot of attractive, just-two-or-three years older girls on campus I wondered if it was remotely possible for me to create enough attraction to be considered a possible relationship partner...

Again, I have never dated (except for my very first date; it was a wonderful afternoon on my own since she didn't show up), never even held hands; mostly due to my sociophobia which I now have mostly overcome (good feeling :D)

Several questions at once:

a) If I form a closer relationship with a girl, how do I break this to her?

b) Girls, would you even consider dating an absolute "virgin" like me? It would mean a lot of explaining and hug/kiss/relationship-101s...

Sorry for my kinda stilted/weird English, I'm from Germany and (obviously) an engineering, not an anglicistics student :D


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  • Lol, I'm from Germany as well and your English is just fine (That coming from an anglistics student, so no worries ^^)

    As to your questions:

    a) The best way is to be open with stuff like that though you might want to start with dropping hints/comments in conversations - starting along the lines that you haven't had a girlfriend yet I honestly don't think it should be a problem.

    b) There are some girls out there that would have a problem with it, as well as there are probably also some who get a kick out of that and actually prefer it, but I don't think they are too common, most probably won't care. Besides you're 18 you still have the world ahead of you :D There are plenty other guys that are the exact same and stuff still works out for them ^^.


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  • :"( - I know how you feel - I'm 20 and never been out on a date - and I'm considered good lookin ... almost makes me want to cry (a tear almost ran down my face) ... lol :}

    • Also an introvert? :D

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    • Hey I'm in the same baot as indigo. Exactly the same! GROUP HUG! Man, I hate being a late bloomer sometimes

    • (Group HUG ! ) at least we're not the only ones :')

  • I don't think it should matter too much. But I guess non-virgin girls assume that virgin guys will stick with them and follow them around forever because they were their "first" (Assuming if you have sex). Most girls in universities and colleges that I know are mainly experimenting with different guys for the best chemistry and don't want to deal with the virgin obsessions.

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