Is it wrong to want to date a sociopath?

I want to date a sociopath or a complete narcissist there's something about them that is so different and abnormal that's cool or even sexy. Normal people are not all that interesting to me, living on the edge and having dangerous fun is what I like. I like trouble and I need someone else there with me. I want to do crazy things and a sociopath would be perfect, I have a love for them. And personally I would emotionally harm someone but not physically (I think), and only a sociopath would, I don't mind watching people get bullied or hurt. I don't know why. And I am not a sociopath!

I don't need love, I just want someone who is ready at anytime to task a risk, big or small.


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  • A sociopath is fun until they take all your money and throw you out of the house at the least expected moment, and feel no remorse about it whatsoever because he doesn't really care, or if he's a true sociopath, he doesn't even know he should care the slightest.

    Are you sure you know what you're talking about? I have some doubts in this case.

    • It will be funny when they take the risk of shoving you out the door and never letting you back in again, and all you'll hear is laughter :P

    • Not all of us behave like that, that's only one potential aspect of a multi-faceted and very complex psychological disorder. I am far more loyal in relationships than any other "normal" person I have ever come across.

    • So what do you think makes you a sociopath?

      Considering, you responded for some reason after 5 months.

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  • I thought you wouldn't get much love from a sociopath since it entails anti-social behavior meaning they'll push you away with force when least expected... p.s. I don't go for normal people either, they creep me out; you just don't know what's wrong with them

  • Sociopathy (and psychopathy) are essentially the same psychological condition. Most people will tell you we don't feel emotions, or that we have no morals; that's wrong, we simply feel emotions differently and see morality and responsibility in a different way. That's horribly vague, but such is the nature of the condition. I'm fiercely loyal and able to turn emotions on and off at the drop of a hat, but the next psychopath along might be a serial adulterer. The guy on the other side might be a serial killer, who knows. (That's partly a joke; only a small portion of us are predisposed to things like that, and even then only in exactly the right [wrong?] circumstances.)

  • I understand the idea that "normal" people can be a bit of a bore if they don't have an interesting spark about them.

    Dating a guy you know is a sociopath, imo, isn;t a good idea because he can possibly become abusive.

  • it is wrong because they feel no love, its only one sided for you I'm afraid


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  • The fact that you wrote that you THINK you won't hurt someone physically is a little disturbing.

  • Not wrong. Just stupid. Incredibly stupid.

  • try and see what happens. You will have fun for a little while but it will probably turn into a nightmare down the track