Single girl playing the game, any words of wisdom?

Wondering if any women on here have experience dating 2 guys at the same time. One guy is fulfilling on a spiritual energy kind of way and he's totally okay with dating other people. My other love interest is just insanely HOT and fun! Each has something the other lacks and I'm still feeling it out. The hot one and I Haven't spoken about seeing other people but he drops off the map from time to time..

Things just advanced in a sexy way with both guys... I want to maintain this but it feels pretty scandalous.. Words of wisdom?


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  • Go with the Hot and fun guy. He'll give you the most wonderful time of your life if you ever decided to make it official with him.


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  • Does hot and fun guy know you are also dating someone else? Are you having sex with either of them and does the other guy know?


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