Should I call back even though he blew me off?

I've been seeing this guy for about 3 or 4 months. We haven't seen each other in about 3 weeks because we both went on vacation at the same time for about 2 weeks. We had been speaking to each other almost every day during our vacations and made plans to see each other as soon as we had gotten back into town.

I came into town before he did and he had been telling me everyday how much he missed me and couldn't wait to see me, etc. On the day he got back into town (which was also the day he was supposed to come over), he cancelled at the very last minute and didn't say why. The next morning, he calls to apologize and said he'd text me later to set something up for the weekend. He never did.

I called him the next week to see if he wanted to hang out that weekend coming up. He said yeah and that he would text me to set it all up. He never did. I'm not sure what happened to where he was so disinterested in seeing me but it really made me upset that it happened three times in a row.

This evening, he called and I didn't answer. Should I call back tomorrow or just wait for him to call again? I feel like I should somehow express that I don't like to be blown off like that.


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  • Wait for him to return the call. I think he's just in to something exciting/depressing right now that's why he keeps "blowing " you off. Don't be depressed and feel sad. Always wait for him to return the call because it might be that he's just busy at the moment.


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  • Hm... I think you should call him back tomorrow but do not bring the idea of hanging out up. Let him do it. And when he does, express your annoyance at him blowing you off in a playful manner. Don't come off as too serious or clingy cause that'll make you look desperate.

    And when he does make plans, tell him you can't do it that weekend or whatever cause you're already busy. Make him work for your time lol (Trust me this works.)

    PS: If he explains the situation of why he kept blowing you off and its something serious, then don't do the above trick. It might be something big came up in his life that he needs to explain now.