Is texting a guy daily too much?

I am seeing a guy that I like a lot. Is texting him each day too much? Most of the time I initiate the text. Should I back off and wait for him to text first?


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  • Don't always intitate the texting,because sometimes you got to leave him to do that and it's nice to give each other space and also when he texts you first it will let you know that he is thinking about you and it gives him time to miss you.


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  • I feel that texting him EVERY day is a bit too much. The guy I'm now currently dating used to do that all the time and it was a bit annoying haha. But then he backed off and waited a few days to text me and that not only made him seem less clingy, but it gave me time to miss talking to him. So maybe wait a day or two, see if he texts you. Texting him for maybe two days in a row is fine, but then just give it a slight break so he has time to himself. Not only that, but not texting him for a while will get him to start thinking about you.