Do guys do these things with just any girl?

What does a kiss on the forehead mean?

I am in a weird situation with this guy, kinda in between dating and FWB... its hard to explain. I've told him I like him and he's told me he likes me, but we both aren't really at a place and time for a relationship at the moment. But we continue to see each other every now and then during the weeks.

We don't always end up getting physical when we are together, but a few nights ago he spent the night at my place. After doing some... stuff (not sex but close...)... we were just cuddling. Then he kissed me on the forehead, then he interlocked his fingers with mine and we held hands and just talked for a long time. What does this mean? Anything at all? Or is it just part of the moment. The kiss on the forehead and all that sweet stuff. Do guys do that with just anyone?


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  • Haha. You guys already are in a relationship...none of you can admit it. You can't be friends with benefits AND mutual emotional /romantically interested at the same time. It's just not official.

    • I haven't known him for a real long time, so I'm just not sure how sincere he was when he said he liked me too. So I'm wondering if those cute things he was doing was a way of showing he meant it, or if some guys just do those things just because?

    • He seems genuine...but, then again you know him better than I do. How old are you? Lots of people say I love you when they are young and then they end up falling out of love lol. It really does sound like he is treating not fwb, but a girlfriend. It seems like he doesn't want to admit so that there isn't any pressure to do anything. I don't know why a guy would kiss another girl on the forehead without some emotional attachment. Forehead kisses aren't really sexual.

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  • just ask him straight out and if his answer isn't what you want to here, just get away from him. I think he's treating you like a gf, but he won't state that it's official. it sounds like friends with benefits if he doesn't say it's a serious relationship like gf/bf.