How do I know if a girl likes me? or is interested in me?

okay this is a funny story...i was working one day and I told one of my coworkers,hey do you have any hot friends or sisters.She said yea I know a really pretty girl that you would like but she's has a boyfriend. so I check out her myspace page and I was like wow she is beautiful! so I email her and become her friend..that was about a year ago ..Ok now just 2 weeks ago I went on myspace and seen that she was single so I ask for her aol screen name and start talking to her.. she is very friendly and nice ,mind you she just broke up with her ex and she is not ready for a new guy. so I put something out there...i ask for her number... and what do you know she gives it to me! I was happy.. so I text her here and there and she gives smailey faces at eventually I ask her out on a date.. she turnes me down... so the nextweek sjhe sees that is was a beautiful day and she was haveing lunch in a text.. so I text back you should be having lunch with me... so she sees okay how about tomorrow! so I say yes that's fine... When I meet up with her she is beautiful and very nice we go to the diner and eat lunch ..i noticed she straitened her hair and put on makeup we talked the whole time and it was pretty cool... we made eye contact and she complemented me on my hair and eyebrows lol but she never texts me I also have to text her first... how can I win her over!


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  • Dude, Its sounds like your already doing well, You got her on a date. She might just want to be chased, Who knows. I wouldn't be texting her too often tho...I think your on the right track man.

    • Thanks man she is hot! I'm really into her but it seems like she's playing hard to get like you said.

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