Damage Control! I just realized I been smothering him. What should I do to fix this

We been together a few months. He lives 6+ hrs away so I like to text to feel close. It always seemed fine but I feel alittle tention recently. I believe I been smothering him & going OVERBOARD with the sappy texts. I'm happy I realized this before he said anything but now I wanna change this before I scare him away. what's the perfect balance of showing affection without smothering via text? thanks!


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  • Slowly chill and do not make a drastic change as he will think something is wrong

    • I was thinking the same thing. But I'm worrid about how to do that with out thinking something is wrong, like you said

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    • Thank you for ba and best of luck to you

    • How is it going?

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  • You're not doing anything to smother him. The best way to show affection is to talk in video calls.

    Let him see you, your smile, and how much you love to see him. Try talking in Skype with him.

    By spending together face-to-face, even if there's distance apart, it keeps the attraction and intimacy up.

  • Don't text him as much. You can also have a conversation him and let him know how you feel :)


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