Thinking about giving up in the dating scene?

I'm thinking about giving up in the dating scene. Call it a p**** move, if you want, but it's what I'm thinking about.

After being rejected several times and never being able to get at least a date, I'm seriously considering giving up on trying to date altogether and put that energy into other things such as my band class or hanging out with friends. Are there any other guys who have done this/are doing this/want to do this? I don't think I'm the only one here.

I'm sure many "nice guys" or "good guys" are doing this because they just can't seem to get a date at all. I have my reasons. I just want to know if any guys out there are doing something similar?

I want to just toss in the towel. I have completely given up trying.


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  • You should give it up. Then you'll randomly meet cool girls doing what you enjoy without having to try to DATE them.


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  • A lot of guys do this, and it's healthy, I'd say, esp if you've had a bad streak. Shake it all off, take a dating sabbatical, and come back to the starting line when you're ready.

    • I honestly don't even know if I should continue trying. I appreciate your feedhafo!

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    • Haha I would expect the really hot girls to react like that! I kind of avoid the really hot ones because in my experience, they are rude and stubborn!

      I might try this and just treat them like guys or something, if that's what I'm supposed to do.

    • If I recall correctly, my friend just treated everyone the same. Exactly the same. There was not interest in attraction or anything. He was a combination of sarcastic and kind and everyone liked him a lot, but girls... well, they saw it as a challenge to try and derail his effort to steer clear of them. Ironic.

  • I think you should give up. Put energy into doing stuff you're interested in. And learn to be OK being alone. And then, someday, there's a good chance that you'll meet girls you connect with through mutual friends, or doing stuff you're interested in, and then it'll just happen, and you won't have to try so hard.


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  • Dont bring up "nice" or "good" guy on here unless you want to see an onslaught of women on your case lol. Those words have a bad stigma heree. Anyways, I've given up for a while now to put focus on work. I think taking a break is a very good idea. Personally, I'm not good at attracting women beyond the friendship level and a few other things makes it a bit difficult for women to be attracted to me, so I stepped out of the dating scene to put more focus on other areas that were slipping =)

    • Seems like a wise idea! I'm kind of thinking of just not dating altogether, nor even trying. I've been hurt too much to want to try anymore.

  • Do your thing.

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