Is he gone, what does he want from me?

I have a life long bud, I moved 14 years ago. Since, then when I visited home hung out at all night eateries & turn into sleeping together few times. In between the 14 years he became engaged to another girl. Always seem to put me 1st, except once, I called & he barked at me for calling in the mist of the night. I'm only stating this cause its like he loved her deeply, he hasn't been the same since.

After that it would was years till we spoke. Between years after that we would sleep together, date other people, then he came to visit me- Georgia to Oregon. For a weekend, told me he wanted to see me. All we did is fight like children (which he likes- told me its cute- I don't care one way or another). Life became confusing, prego scare.

I went Chicago to clear my head for a while, its been little over a year. We still talked, he started dating- he flaunted it my face- which didn't work out for him. I met someone bud found out about it over twitter. As soon as my status changed he changed (at first the new relationship was a joke for the new guys co-workers-new guy started liking me after a few weeks/ which I wanted to explain the mess to my bud), he would not return my calls, but return text, Text I'm at work what's up? Texted me you tube vids. Dancing around any real contact. My new guy walk out on me email my bud- surprise.I can only image its my feelings about Bud. Bud took it great, in fact one night it slipped in a drunken text, I confronted him-he still won't call- ingored the text that he even ever mentioned it. I have been nothing but nice to that man- even texting back he has had a nasty undertone.

I will be moving home- date & all, told him. He responded he is moving too. I explain I'm out of the loop- what's going on? He simply text I don't worry about keeping in touch, I keep friends in my life that make it better. I just told him; I see where I stand & I had cared-this will make me sad/cry, at least we had some good times. Last words to me were, like all text over the last two months, concessing but to the point. I'm not saying were not friends, you worry to much, like a dog with an old bone, one stop flipping, 2 we are friends- that's it.

I didn't respond, barking & negativity over text message to me, only fuel the flame. What am I 12? Does he not remember the last time he was concessing to me? Is why would he put so much energy into dismissing, when he could have just not return text, & just cut me of his life? Will I ever hear from him again?


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  • Yes, you'll hear from him again.

    You're his friend after all.


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